Startup and Tactical Guides

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Startup and Tactical Guides

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Official BattleTech Quick-Start Rules - FREE
Catalyst Game Labs, the company that currently publishes Classic BattleTech has a FREE downloadable PDF containing the majority of the rules used on MegaMekNET. If you are totally new to the game or haven't played CBT in several years, this rulebook is worth a look!

Startup Videos
These videos are designed to help new players learn how to operate the MekWars and MegaMek user interfaces. They cover everything that is necessary to build your first army, get a battle, and covers all of the major in-game controls you need to know. A must for every new player on MegaMekNET!

Core Tactics
These articles cover what are arguably the most important tactical concepts in the game. These skills often are what separate nubees from intermediate players.
Army Construction
Something that can also have a profound impact on combat happens before you even arrive on the battlefield--making strong armies! This article will give you some guidelines on how to make your armies strong.
Tactical Refinements
Once you understand the core tactics and also how to build armies, these skills can tighten up your game a bit more.
Advanced Combat
These articles cover situations that aren't just straight-up battles in rural environments. Urban combat, artillery use, etc.
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Re: Startup and Tactical Guides

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The Getting Started page on the wiki is also an excellent resource for new players.
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Re: Startup and Tactical Guides

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That, right there, is good work!
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