basic tactics: sequence of movement

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basic tactics: sequence of movement

Post by Harmlos »

Sequence of Movement.

Hello all, talking about tactics is always critical, as there are always guys out there who are better then me. Everyone has his own ideas on this issue, so my words should be seen rather as a base for a discussion then the word of god. I would like to address this lines in particular to newbs, but maybe even regulars find some ideas in them.

The subject I would like to adress is the sequence of movement for your units. I choose this because I oftenly see newbs who move the units as they come. Of course it is difficult to make statements that are true in every case, so I would like to give rather generic advices first.

At first I would like to find a fundamental law of movement:
“Your given units shall be moved in a way that:
a) your important weapons can be fired at good THN ,
b) opponent important weapon systems can’t be fired or at higher THN,
c) you have more options for melee,
d) you use efficiently the weak spots of the opponents units while covering yours.“

Of course this is an ideal, which can’t be achieved in all cases, but moving your units in the right sequence is a big step towards that.

The first unit!

Lets begin with a situation we all know well. We are in an infight and we lost the initiative! What now? Moving the wrong unit first can lead to the loss of that unit and with that the possible loss of the game. I would like to give some inspiration which units you can move first (in no special sequence except for rule1):
1) Immobile units :arrow: Always move them first!
2) Legged units
3) Units you would like to eject or flee with
4) Units with range weapons you can move to a position were the can fire without getting attacked by an enemy’s unit
5) Overheated units which move away to cool down this turn
6) Fast jumpers who switch position with high movement, but still be able to be part of the battle
7) Backup a (fast) unit like a P-Hawk with some long-range power for 6 hexes in order to shoot the LL forcing other units to react (only when no one can reach the rear sector of the unit).
Fast units like HSR, PPC Cicada, LCT-M, Warrior... with long-range weapon thin armour and the chance for a good movement modifier and no opponent coming close to them.
9) hidden units as the mobile HQ or the LRM carrier using indirect fire.

If none of the above conditions are applicable I have some tactics that can be helpful as well:

1) run for you life: move your fastest unit in a way to achieve maximum movement modifier and cover so it still can use some weapons.
2) Hug the rabbit: if facing much faster unit move close to them with your best protected unit forcing them to either retreat or getting a lower movement modifier. This works well when you have more firepower. Against elite player it will buy you some time because they will have the patience to retreat this round to attack next round. Make sure you don’t have blind spots in your combined weapon arcs.
3) Blocking: move a fast unit with high modifier into a gap where your opponent need to pass.
4) Hide: worst alternative since this unit do not participate at the battle this round.

Creating couples:

When the battle is spread a bit over the map sometimes it is beneficial to think in duel style: Who is battling whom right now? If you see clear answers to this question you see which units move after which of the opponents. Have I won the initiative I move my unit after his duel partner. Have I lost the Ini I can try to exchange opponents with another partner or cover one unit with a partner from a different duel.

Don't rush:

Sometimes you see a real nice move and you are about to do it… But wait: maybe there is a second option even better. Your nice will be still there and your opponent will be surprised even more.

I hope to give you some ideas to think about and you will find my lines helpful. I hope to get some feedback from you and maybe you find some coments and additionally ideas.

Best regards


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Re: basic tactics: sequence of movement

Post by Tessien »

Thanks Harmlos :)

I bet this could help some players alot.

If i may i would like to add something to some of your advices.


if you have to face some enemy medium mechs with some of your light mechs never try to get into melee range (only if you are able to get behind or to teh left or right side of the opponent mech)

so it is extremly dangerous to move with a WSP or LCT in front of a medium meck because one lucky kick of that medium can cripple your mech totaly so that's of no use anymore. better try to stay 2 hexes away. so you only have to face the weapons and not also the melee threat

Don't rush:

Sometimes you see a real nice move and you are about to do it… But wait: maybe there is a second option even better. Your nice will be still there and your opponent will be surprised even more.
Harmlos is absolutly correct if he says that. sometimes your opponent wants to give you an oppertunity for a good hit with one of your mechs but in reality he just wants you to get there because somewhere there is an other unit which will have a good firing position or could move to a level higher so it's getting into a good position for a kick to your mechs head. (for example)

In return you also could try to lure your enemy into a trap even if you lost initiative. especially when you lost ini there is a good chance for succeding. but always think about the advices Harmlos did mention above. they will help you.

some more advices i would like to give is:

1.)Think tactical when you make your moves.
[Try to make some gueses where your enemy might to move and also where you want to go in about 1-3 rounds. (it's sometimes like chess ;) ) ]

2.) Know your weapons and the weapons of your opponent. ( If your opponent has only long range weapons try to stay closer. If your have some flamers e.g. and you see that your opponent produces alot of heat. try not to make dmg with it but try to produce extr heat. It will at least slow your opponents movement. )

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Re: basic tactics: sequence of movement


What about units that have fallen? If theyre very close to the enemy units that makes me want to move them last but, they also are not going to have their max MP avail to get a descent defense modifier and sometimes I think theyre just damned in some situations so maybe I should move the fallen mech first?

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Re: basic tactics: sequence of movement

Post by Tuco »

It depends on the unit that has fallen, what it means to you and your army, how valuable it is or if you can make an advantage out of moving it first as an easier target, and make use of the reactions of your opponent to that.
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