Can we get a guide to repair?

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Can we get a guide to repair?

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Can we get a guide to how repair works? Nothing seams to happen for me no mater what I do or how long I wait.
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Re: Can we get a guide to repair?

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Did you hire techs? Nothing would happen if you attempt repairs when you don't have techs

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Re: Can we get a guide to repair?

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BattleDroid wrote:
Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:48 pm
Can we get a guide to how repair works? Nothing seams to happen for me no mater what I do or how long I wait.
I have encountered times when I wait forever and nothing seems to be happening. I noticed that if I have no pilot assigned to a mek I am repairing I seem to have more issues. IF I assign a pilot while I am conducting bulk repairs I can guarantee I will screw up the repairs and they will quit working. Even 24 hours later. When I have had that happen, I stop all pending repairs and I go to the manual repair menu. I repair exactly one slot/item/weapon manually and then I can go back to using bulk repair.

So far the use of manual repairs to "unjam" the bulk repairs has never failed to get me going again.

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Re: Can we get a guide to repair?

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Here is a quick guide to repairs, the way I do them:

Step 1: Make sure you have techs available. If it is your first game after leaving SOL, you will have to hire some, and frequently hire some afterwards as they may level up and retire or die. I have never bothered with hiring regular techs - the green ones level up fairly quickly. To get things done, I usually hire half a dozen.

Campaign menu -> Personnel -> Techs -> Hire Techs

You can see the number of your techs in the info box in the upper right of the screen, where it says "Idle Techs". The numbers are seperated by slashes and refer to green/regular/veteran/elite techs.

Step 2: Right-click at the unit to repair, select bulk repair and look at the pop-up. There will be entries for different parts of the mech. It is best to start with armor or structure. Armor of a location can only be repaired if there is structure, so if e.g. a limb was destroyed that may mean you need to do structure first. Select the kind of techs you want to let make the repairs, and set the target number of the roll to a number that minimizes the estimated cost. That cost is an estimate, and, in my experience, a pessimistic one! The total repair cost will usually be a lot cheaper than shown there, unless you get really bad dice (TM). Then hit the button and start the repairs, and ideally watch some of your techs level up already.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with other components of the mech, and if you have some available, check out techs that are at a higher level. They may get things done more reliably and therefore cheaper (as they may need fewer attempts to succeed). Check or uncheck the different kinds of components as you see fit, but remember that some repairs can be very costly and time-consuming and should be done by experienced techs best. Engine and gyro repairs come to mind here.

Step 4: If things go wrong, you will get information in the repair tab. You might have run out of available techs of the selected experience level, or techs you have assigned to do repairs cannot start since internal structure is missing in that location of the mech. In that case you can stop all repair orders that were queued and select to repair structure first. You might also have to hire more techs or select a different experience level, depending on what is available. Sometimes it even may be necessary to switch from bulk repair to manual repair, select the item that needs repairs and let the techs do their job one by one (if this comes up, it seems useful to put the number of repeated attempts at least up to 1 in my experience). If such a "bottleneck" for the repairs is taken care of, you usually can go back to bulk repair, which is faster.

Step 5: Enjoy your fully repaired unit!

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