Duplicate players in a game

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Duplicate players in a game

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If you or your opponent get disconnected from a game, either accidentally or deliberately, and when you rejoin the Ded you are unable to do anything (move, shoot, etc.) then most likely you have become "ghosted". This means that the Ded did not recognize your exit and when you rejoined it recognizes you as an observer. One way to verify this is to read the command prompt. For example, say this happened to me. Instead of the prompt saying "It is your turn to move" it will say "It is Mock26's turn to move" (or fire, as the case may be). The other way to verify this is to see a list of all people in the Ded. To do this you type "/who" (no quotes) and you will see something like this:


Exiting out and entering back in will not do anything as you will keep coming back in as an observer. To fix this your opponent will need to kick out both of your instances. You cannot use the /kick command in this instance as you are an observer. Only participants can use this command. Kicking is accomplished by using the kick command: "/kick #" (no quotes, with the # replaced by the player number. For the above example Arrow would have to issue two commands:

/kick 1
/kick 2

This will resolve the issue. If it does not then seek assistance from an Admin or Moderator. If none are available you can ask in Main Channel to see if anyone can help you out (you may have typed a command incorrectly, for example). And if nothing works you will have to Cancel the game.

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