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New player tips

Post by marshall1234 »

Having been here since 2009, I thought I would share some of my experience to those who will listen. I may borrow things from NastyOgre and others.

1. STAY FROSTY! I can't stress this enough. There are times to overheat and times not to. Managing your heat curve is important. You can go over a bit during the fire phase but you need to cycle your weapons so you don't build up a lot of heat. Bad things will happen. Just go look at a 'mech record sheet and read the stuff that will happen when you overheat. However, if you know your unit will have its last turn on board and is going to die, then push all the buttons and let it go.

2. Initiative matters however, as others(Zerebus) have taught me, you can minimize it some. Like I've seen in FASA/CGL materials on the game, moving units that are not in immediate danger first help or slow tanks that don't need to move help to sink initiative. Also downed units can be used in this fashion.

3. Support your units! Going off on your own is asking for trouble. Mutual support is key in games. Keep a 'bubble' if you will where your units can support others in case they are attacked and picked on.

These are just some things I've picked up on to share with new players.

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Re: New player tips

Post by Mock26 »

4. Stay in SOL. When you hit 80 XP you can defect to a faction (except Comstar, which is reserved for members of the Management Team). But, you do not have to defect. You can stay in SOL as long as you want (though your XP does max out at 250). So if you feel like you need more practice or time getting familiar with everything then stay in SOL as long as you need to. Also, while you are in SOL you can reset your hangar after every game. This will allow you to try out different units. Please not that this option is only available for about a 1 minute after the game ends.

5. Use the Line of Sight tool. Click and hold down the Alt key and click on two hexes. A pop up will appear telling you the distance between the two hexes and any intervening terrain. This is very useful when planning your moves, and figuring out where your opponent can move.

6. Movement. Be aware of where your opponents can move. I am not saying that you should plot out every possible move of your opponent's units but try to have a rough idea of where they can move. For example, you are moving your units forward and your opponent has a Wolverine nearby. Be aware that the Wolverine has 5/8/5 movement and as such try not to move one of your units to a location where the Wolverine can jump in behind one of your units. Or, position your units so that if he does try that your other units are right there able to shoot and punch and kick that wolverine.

7. Maximize your movement. Slower units have a limit on movement modifiers so this is not that big of an issue with them, but for faster units maximize your movement. For example, a Spider has 8/12/8 movement. Unless you can guarantee that no one can shoot at your Spider never move it 1 or 2 hexes. If you do that then it has no movement modifiers for when you opponent shoots at you. Instead plot your movement to move 8 or 12 hexes, make it harder for your opponent to hit you. Ideally you want your movement modifier to your to hit numbers (+1 for walk, +2 for running, +3 for jumping) to be lower or least the same as your opponent's to hit you. This is vitally important with hovercraft. They are more susceptible to critical hits so keep your hover craft moving as much and as far as possible every turn. More info on this topic can be found here.

8. Weapon ranges. Pay attention to weapon ranges, for your weapons and your opponent's weapons. For example, a Large Laser has range brackets of 1-5/6-10/11-15. An AC/20 has range brackets of 1-3/4-6/7-9. If you have a large laser and your opponent has an AC/20 and there is no way to get in behind him then try to position yourself at 4-5 hexes. You will be shooting at short range but he will be shooting at medium range.

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