oberon - throwing a game

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oberon - throwing a game

Post by Zerberus » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:24 pm

After finding out that his opponent (that's me) would not use sim fire, oberon announced to surrender after deployment. After pointing out that this would be throwing the game, he used the first 3 turns to reach map edge and then fled his army. I'll just ignore the player disrespect regarding the choice not to use an optional rule that must be agreed on, but it's still throwing a game ...

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Re: oberon - throwing a game

Post by Spork » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:10 pm

OK, he solved the problem himself.
[12:02] => oberon [FS]: You are aware of the complaint against you, right?
[12:02] oberon [FS]: yeah pretty much i didn't want to play a non simfire game. So I fleed
[12:03] => oberon [FS]: You know that's against the rules, right?
[12:04] oberon [FS]: So what is the punishment
[12:04] => oberon [FS]: I don't know yet. I'm giving you the opportunity to post your side of the story in the forum.
[12:06] oberon [FS]: Well I really didn't want to play that game. I offered to surrender when it was refused I fleed. If that is against the rules then i'm fine with taking the punshment.
[12:06] => oberon [FS]: And what about the next time someone doesn't want to play with simfire.
[12:06] => oberon [FS]: I, for instance, will not do so.
[12:06] => oberon [FS]: The rules are there for a reason. It's how you are expected to act.
[12:07] oberon [FS]: Well I may play. I think simfire is basically a crutch. I may excerise the right to refuse surrenders thouhg
[12:07] oberon [FS]: or non simfire that is
[12:07] => oberon [FS]: "May" is not the word I am looking for.
[12:07] => oberon [FS]: You can exercise that right at any time.
[12:08] => oberon [FS]: That is your right within the rules, and no staffer will hold it against you.
[12:08] oberon [FS]: so is fleeing a battle against the rules?
[12:08] => oberon [FS]: Yes.
[12:08] => oberon [FS]: Have you not read the rules?
[12:08] oberon [FS]: no
[12:08] => oberon [FS]: The rules are not optional. It is right there in red every time you log on.
[12:09] => oberon [FS]: Sorry. Blue
[12:09] oberon [P]: go ahead and delete my account then I'm done here.
[12:10] => oberon: Bye
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