McMadMax attack on killratio2316

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McMadMax attack on killratio2316

Post by killratio2316 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:24 am

I was just attacked by McMadMax and was defending the battle pretty well. I had some damage to a Longbow that was serious, but minor damage to a Jaeger and an Archer S. I also had a highlander which had yet to reveal itself. I had destroyed an enforcer and had pretty seriously damaged two Rhino tanks. he had a guillotine that was untouched.

The problem was that through no fault of my own, I kept discoing like every round. so I would go out and come back in and it would happen again next round. I do not want to start trouble or call anyone out. I want no beef. I just want advice on what I should do next time, since he aborted the attack and just exited the game.

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Re: McMadMax attack on killratio2316

Post by BarukKhazad » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:56 pm

If you are having problems with disconnections every round then there are two pieces of software running that matter... the client software on your machine and the MegaMek server (the dedicated host or player host) that your client connects to. The fix usually is to restart your MekWars client and if that doesn't work then restart the ded/host (there is an autosave every phase so it is easy to bring the saved game back up).

If restarting both softwares doesn't do it then you need to check your internet.
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