Maxwell Albritten - Disco

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Maxwell Albritten - Disco

Post by Chavo2 »

#2 Maxwell Albritten[DC] is attempting a Factory Beachhead on Kervil (Units: 4 Meks, 1 Inf / BV: 6124). Chavo[LC] is defending (Units: 4 Meks, 3 Inf / BV: 6033)

On round 5 of a very fast and furious game, Maxwell's Crockett was unfortunately cored with an ammo hit. I lost an infantry unit on the same turn.

        Crockett CRK-5003-0 (Maxwell Albritten) takes 8 damage to RT.
            Armor destroyed.
             17 Internal Structure remaining.
            Critical hit on RT. Roll is (12+1) = 13; 3 locations.
            CRITICAL HIT on SRM 6 Fragmentation Ammo (11).
            *** SRM 6 Fragmentation Ammo EXPLODES! 132 DAMAGE! ***

        Infantry platoon hit by fragmentation missiles!!!
        Mechanized Tracked Platoon (SRM) (Chavo) takes 24 damage to MEN.
             PLATOON KILLED,
*** Mechanized Tracked Platoon (SRM) (Chavo) DESTROYED by damage! ***

Max's BM also took a fall and was at 8 heat, so it was not looking good. in addition, for the start of the next turn, Max did not win initiative.

server then reported that Max had logged out.

[14:59] >> Exit Maxwell Albritten
You counted towards production (1 points worth).
[15:07] >> Exit Giles
[15:12] Chavo [LC]: ping
You counted towards production (1 points worth).
[15:25] >> Enter Giles
[15:27] Chavo [LC]: ping

Game is still active and no disco resolution occurred. DC had no holding on the planet so issue there.
No Mod is on, so I am going to cancel the game.

Seeking no retribution, simply reporting the event here.

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Re: Maxwell Albritten - Disco

Post by obese pigeon »

Thanks Chavo, for cancelling the game. The disconnect auto-resolve these days is completely borked and never seems to work properly.

Maxwell, do you have any comments on this incident?

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