Update Prowler Multi-Terrain Vehicle (Succession Wars) ID:-1

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Update Prowler Multi-Terrain Vehicle (Succession Wars) ID:-1

Post by Mock26 »

I would like to suggest that the cargo space for this vehicle be updated to a troop bay. Having 8 tons of cargo space is just a waste of space that does not serve any game purpose. I understand that not everything needs to serve a game purpose (for example, there are some vehicles with 1 ton of cargo space), but this vehicle as 8 tons of unused space. I think that updating that cargo space to a troop bay will make the vehicle more versatile and will see an increase in its use, especially because it is one if not the only amphibious vehicles in the game. Additionally, per the original description the space is said to be a "cargo bay" and it is not individual 1-ton cargo spaces as listed in the vehicle design.

Pros: Will make the vehicle more useful.
Cons: Vehicle will not be true to canon.

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Re: Update Prowler Multi-Terrain Vehicle (Succession Wars) ID:-1

Post by Jackal »

So I am all for doing this, Mock, but there are some logistical hurdles.

The first, easiest step is to edit the BLK file.

The next step, however, is one that I've tried previously but unsuccessfully––the file needs to be added and correctly linked into both MegaMek and Mekwars. When I last tried this, it didn't work. (Maybe someone who knows more about this can explain the steps?)

After that, the new file and Mekwars both need to find their way into the autoupdater and download package on Mekwars.org. That's something I also don't 100% know how to do yet.

Once I figure out how to do all of the above, there are a number of updates that can/should be made (the Cobra Transport VTOL is one that comes to mind).

Anyway, I'll start asking around.

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