Make assault units more useful

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obese pigeon
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Make assault units more useful

Post by obese pigeon » Sun Jul 28, 2019 3:10 pm

In the current meta, any assault mech or vee 85 tons and above is a 'trap', a useless sink of resources that you cannot easily get rid of. They take lots of cbills and occupy a huge amount of bayspace, yet can only be used by and against a subset of players.

I propose that assault units up to 100 tons be useable in basic operations like patrols. This will make these units possibly worth getting if you can find an opponent to use them on, and also avoid the awkward scenario where a new or returning player shells out 6k cbills for a Fatlas only to find he basically cant use it. It becomes a white elephant occupying bayspace.

Personal disclosure: It doesn't make too much of a difference to me personally if this suggestion is implemented or not. if not implemented, i will still continue playing the current meta by avoiding all such units. However, it just seems a waste that an entire class of units should be avoided like the plague.

obese pigeon
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Re: Make assault units more useful

Post by obese pigeon » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:31 pm

Alternatively, make it clear to new players they really shouldn't be buying these.

[20:19] gordielightfoot [LC]: new ish
[20:20] obese pigeon [CC]: i see. i saw you on the front but i dont exactly have time to play :)
[20:20] obese pigeon [CC]: but can talk
[20:20] obese pigeon [CC]: how have you found itso far?
[20:20] gordielightfoot [LC]: Its okay
[20:21] obese pigeon [CC]: ok cool. im trying to pick up a HBK from the BM
[20:21] obese pigeon [CC]: love those AC20s
[20:22] gordielightfoot [LC]: I want a King Crab :D
[20:22] obese pigeon [CC]: :)
[20:22] obese pigeon [CC]: btw dont pick up assault units, ie anything 85 tons and above
[20:23] obese pigeon [CC]: cos you wont be able to use them
[20:23] gordielightfoot [LC]: Why not?
[20:23] obese pigeon [CC]: well its pretty lame but you need to hit 1000 xp and frontline commander before you can use them
[20:23] obese pigeon [CC]: i've made a suggestion to get this changed
[20:24] obese pigeon [CC]: but im not holding my breath for the admins to approve it
[20:25] gordielightfoot [LC]: I have assault units on one of my active lances
[20:26] obese pigeon [CC]: what tonnage?
[20:26] obese pigeon [CC]: the assault unit
[20:26] gordielightfoot [LC]: 80
[20:26] obese pigeon [CC]: and is the lance legal for any operations?
[20:26] obese pigeon [CC]: 80 is fine
[20:26] obese pigeon [CC]: its 85 and above that you've got to worry about
[20:26] gordielightfoot [LC]: Why is that?
[20:27] obese pigeon [CC]: 85 tons and above you cant use it unless you have 1000 xp and frontline commander
[20:27] obese pigeon [CC]: 80 tons, no such restriction
[20:28] gordielightfoot [LC]: what do you mrsn frontline commander?
[20:28] obese pigeon [CC]: if you hover over your name
[20:28] obese pigeon [CC]: you see that you are regular commander
[20:29] obese pigeon [CC]: when you reach 1000 xp, you have the option to self promote to frontline commander. that unlocks more operations
[20:29] gordielightfoot [LC]: ahh
[20:29] gordielightfoot [LC]: so lots of games
[20:30] obese pigeon [CC]: but even if you dont self promote, and you've got 1000 xp and are regular commander, i think you can still play pillage games with your assault units
[20:30] obese pigeon [CC]: yes a fair number of games
[20:30] obese pigeon [CC]: about 20

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Re: Make assault units more useful

Post by Vector » Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:42 pm

I think before there was an exp requirement to buy assault units, but that got removed at some point. I'd be in favor of either allowing them for basic ops, or restricting their purchase by exp and not including them in initial hangars.

obese pigeon
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Re: Make assault units more useful

Post by obese pigeon » Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:22 pm

[22:11] plutonick [LC]: oh another question. Where can i read about the pros and cons of being a frontline commander etc?
[22:11] plutonick [LC]: I refreshed my knowledge about the different ops but I couldn't find a helpfile regarding the commander's promotion etc
[22:12] => plutonick [LC]: i dont think its documented anywhere. but you get access to more ops and you can use units heavier than 80 tons
[22:12] => plutonick [LC]: basically, no downside
[22:12] plutonick [LC]: requisits is elo? or exp?
[22:12] plutonick [LC]: requisites
[22:12] => plutonick [LC]: im not sure why its neccessary to have this around when there are so few players.
[22:12] => plutonick [LC]: i believe there is an elo requirement. im not sure what it is
[22:13] => plutonick [LC]: but its not a high elo
[22:13] => plutonick [LC]: oh, aside from using units about 80 tons, you can also play against such units
[22:14] => plutonick [LC]: as a regular commander, you will never see a Atlas on the field
[22:14] => plutonick [LC]: cos 85 tons and above can only be used in frontline operations
[22:14] plutonick [LC]: but that's not documented anywhere?
[22:14] => plutonick [LC]: no
[22:14] plutonick [LC]: that sucks because I bought some assaults :(
[22:15] => plutonick [LC]: im sorry to hear, are you able to self promote to frontline?
[22:15] plutonick [LC]: and now I am at negative bays I can't buy lights and cant find games because lower I can go is 4.5 bv
[22:15] => plutonick [LC]: thats exactly one of the reasons are iasked for this to be removed
[22:15] plutonick [LC]: i cant promote myself to frontline no
[22:15] => plutonick [LC]: because assault units are a trap
[22:15] => plutonick [LC]: I have a post under suggestions in the forum
[22:15] => plutonick [LC]: can you post your current situation there
[22:16] => plutonick [LC]: hang on let me find it
[22:16] plutonick [LC]: if you can't field them you shouldn't be able to buy them either. as a precaution
[22:16] => plutonick [LC]: then maybe someone will respond and realize how terrible it is
[22:16] plutonick [LC]: i'd rather not post it. I hate to be seen as a whinner :(
[22:16] => plutonick [LC]: i agree with you
[22:16] => plutonick [LC]: no its not whining. its about improving the system for the benefit of everyone here
[22:16] plutonick [LC]: Ok then
[22:17] plutonick [LC]: I will make a post once I get home.
[22:17] => plutonick [LC]: ... 27e#p73640
[22:17] plutonick [LC]: wait
[22:18] plutonick [LC]: it seems the prerequisite is XP?
[22:18] => plutonick [LC]: ... 11&t=10086
[22:18] => plutonick [LC]: yes you need 1000 xp
[22:18] => plutonick [LC]: which you have
[22:18] plutonick [LC]: Sorry but plutonick is not skilled enough to join that SubFaction.
[22:18] plutonick [LC]: it's not just the exp
[22:18] => plutonick [LC]: its elo then
[22:19] => plutonick [LC]: how many assaults did you buy?
[22:19] plutonick [LC]: one mech and one tank

Can we please either stop players who are not able to use assault units from buying them? Or remove this arbitrary seperation between frontline and regular commander altogether?

Sorry to say, this setup is really bad.

Thank you for consideration.

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