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Aero Buildtables

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[10:14] Percevil [CC]: aye, wisjh I could drop my bugged aero though
[10:15] obese pigeon [FWL]: whats wrong with your aero Percevil?
[10:15] Ceorl [P]: I don't know how to play it and I already get my ass regularly kicked in the normal game
[10:15] Ceorl [P]: so thanks but nope
[10:15] Percevil [CC]: Cant use it in space
[10:15] obese pigeon [FWL]: haha really?
[10:15] obese pigeon [FWL]: thats pretty odd
[10:16] Percevil [CC]: My unit: #3274446 Heavy Strike Fighter Meteor (4) [0 EXP ] Kills: 0 Training Unit. BV: 398 Is Fully Functional
[10:16] Percevil [CC]: Cant be used in space
[10:16] obese pigeon [FWL]: is this an atmospheric fighter?
[10:16] Percevil [CC]: Yeah

So it seems that there are conventional fighters lurking in the build tables. Given that there arent any ops they are legal for, perhaps they should just be removed.

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Re: Current cycle feedback

Post by Tuco »

All fixed.
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