Sensors: Radar / IR /Seismic / Magscan

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Graf Zahl
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Sensors: Radar / IR /Seismic / Magscan

Post by Graf Zahl »

Hello Forum,

in the Extras tab of a mech or vehicle data window I can choose four different sensor options:
Mech Radar
Mech IR
Mech Magscan
Mech Seismic

The setting is relevant for games with double blind rules. The sensors allow you to see hidden units as ghost images, the exakt rules however are unclear to me.

My question: Where are the rules for these sensors described? In which book, where?

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Re: Sensors: Radar / IR /Seismic / Magscan

Post by Jackal »

Hi Graf Zahl,

The sensor rules are described in Tactical Operations (Sensor Spotting, pp. 221-222).

Generally the way sensors work is that each unit scans in a random range bracket, determined by a 2D6 role.

On a roll of 2-4 the sensor scans at Long Range (which is 21-30 for mech magscan, 5-6 for mech seismic)
On a roll of 5-6 the sensor scans at Medium Range (11-20 for mech magscan, 3-4 for mech seismic)
On a roll of 7-8 the sensor scans at Sort Range (1-10 for mech magscan, 1-2 for mech seismic)
On a roll of 9+, the sensor doesn't detect anything

Magscan goes through everything except buildings. Seismic goes through everything but, as you can see above, is very short range. So typically you want to use magscanners unless you are in a city.

You can see what range a unit is currently scanning at—including your opponent's scanners–by either mousing-over the unit or looking at the Extras page of the Unit Display (e.g. right click on unit > View Unit).

Because each unit get its own sensor roll, different units in your army will usually be scanning at different ranges. It's therefore usually wise to set everything to the same sensor. Between your 4 or more units, that will give you the best chance to have full coverage.

Note: When you change a sensor setting—for example from radar to magscan—the change won't take effect until the following round.

Hope that helps!

- Jackal

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Re: Sensors: Radar / IR /Seismic / Magscan

Post by Nastyogre »

Sensors CAN be set at deployment. This allows you to start turn 1 with Magscan up. I do this routinely.

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