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Copied from the MegaMekNET Announcements forum

Here be a compilation of things which are allowed by code, but that you are not (temporarily) supposed to use. You are required to keep yourself informed of bugs and rule modification both here and in the bug forum, but we'll try to keep this list up to date with the most critical stuff, so it can be found in one place.

  • Hull down is disabled, but the option is still available under certain conditions. Do not use it.
  • The Walk Backwards/Run Backwards bug is still appearing. Do not a) run when you had walked backwards over an elevation and fell; b) run when you walked backwards and hit a minefield.
  • Conventional minefields may only use 5 mines per hex. This only pertains to mines assigned by the OP, not to special munitions like thunder.
  • Do not launch any team type OPs (Siege and Epic Capture) without having the game arranged with the other three players. The 'arranged only' nature is explicitly mentioned in the OP description and there's a bug involved when the OP is launched but not accepted, yet nobody seems to care. Expect punitive measures in the future.
  • This applies to house leaders: actively discouraging players from taking a promotion is not allowed. If players meet the rating and experience requirements, they are entitled to the rank. If their rating ever drops below the required level again, asking for a demotion is their prerogative, you are not allowed to force it on them. Additional reading here.
  • Being active openly announces your willingness to commit to any game. Stating your intention of playing an arranged game and then going active has no legal, moral or sportsmanship claim over any other player. If you desire to play an arranged game against a specific individual, be sure to use one of the available Attack-From-Reserve, or AFR, operations. The only exception to this rule that will be enforced by the admins and moderators are players who have to retask for any reason. The same exception applies to SOL games.
  • Currently Side Slip and Half Roll appear to be bugged allowing players to make an additional turn immediatly after the maneuver. Players must disregard this ability and continue along the set path until the mechanics once again allow the Aero to turn. Further use of this bug will result in significant penalties.
NOTE If a player has already moved an Aero the required hexes to make a legal turn, then uses Side Slip instead, the player may turn immediatly after.
  • Apparently sometimes critical hits on tank guns (weapon jammed) that are caused by artillery fire don't disable the gun for the following shooting phase as they should. Do not fire guns that are supposed to be jammed; it's a violation of Server Rule 3.7.

See Also: Rules, Server Manifesto

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