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Factions are the nation-states at war in MekWars. What faction you choose will greatly influence your style of play; certain factions will have easier access to some units, that other factions won't have as easy access to; no units are prohibited per se, i.e. even though the Enforcer is a totem Federated Suns mek, and the FS players will pull them from their factories, if a player from another faction obtains one (say, from battlefield salvage) that Enforcer will not work any differently than it did before.

For information on the MekWars concept of Factions, see here.

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Crest major cc.png

Capellan Confederation

  • Ruling Family: Liao
  • Head of State Title: Chancellor
  • Government: Military Dictatorship
  • Primary Ethnic Group(s): Chinese, Russian
  • Location: "South" of Terra

The Capellan Confederation is the smallest of the 5 major successor states. Over the last several centuries the Confederation has lost many worlds to its two aggressive neighbors, the Federated Suns and the Free Worlds Republic. This constant state of siege has hardened the Capellans into a highly militaristic, centrally-planned society with a high level of emphasis on service to the State. While harsh, the Capellan system is fairly meritocratic with all members of society having access to free education and a theoretically equal opportunity to rise through the ranks.

Crest major dc.png

Draconis Combine

  • Ruling Family: Kurita
  • Head of State Title: Coordinator
  • Government: Military Dictatorship (modeled on feudal Japan)
  • Primary Ethnic Group(s): Japanese, Scandinavian, Arab
  • Location: "North East" of Terra

The Draconis Combine is the 2nd largest--and historically most aggressive--of the 5 major successor states. The Combine is a highly militaristic society modeled on 19th century feudal Japan. Combine teachings emphasize the bushido code--a system of honor practiced by the ancient samurai. Combine soliders are among the most dedicated and skilled warriors in the Inner Sphere. The Combine is bordered by the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth, both of which are significant rivals.

Crest major fs.png

Federated Suns

  • Ruling Family: Davion
  • Head of State Title: First Prince
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Primary Ethnic Group(s): Very ethnically diverse, strong French and English influences
  • Location: "South East" of Terra

The Federated Suns is the largest of the 5 major successor states. An unusually liberal society for this war torn era, the Federated Suns places a high level of emphasis on individual rights and liberties. Despite this progressive attitude regarding it's own citizens, the Federated Suns is one of the more aggressive powers in the Inner Sphere, an irony not lost on those who fight against them. The Federated Suns is bordered by the Draconis Combine and Capellan Confederation.

Crest major fwl.png

Free Worlds Republic

  • Ruling Family: Marik
  • Head of State Title: Captain-General
  • Government: Representative Republic (currently under martial law)
  • Primary Ethnic Group(s): Various south asian, east asian, and european groups
  • Location: "South West" of Terra

The Free Worlds League is the 4th largest successor state, distinguished both by being the first successor state to be founded, and also by its unique form of government, which in certain ways resembles the old United Nations system on ancient Terra. The League has a large legislative body--the League Parliament--that is made up of representatives from individual planets and which theoretically holds all the power of state. The overall military commander of the League, known as the Captain-General, is supposed to serve at the pleasure of the Parliament, but a constant state of emergency during the centuries-long Succession Wars has morphed this title into the de facto ruler of the nation. The Free Worlds League is bordered by the Lyran Commonwealth and Capellan Confederation.

Crest major lc.png

Lyran Commonwealth

  • Ruling Family: Steiner
  • Head of State Title: Archon
  • Government: Feudal Monarchy
  • Primary Ethnic Group(s): German, Scottish, Indian
  • Location: "North West" of Terra

The Lyran Commonwealth is the 3rd largest successor state, and arguably it's largest industrial power. The Commonwealth has a system of government best described as a feudal monarchy, with a powerful hereditary leader, known as the Archon, and a strong nobility that oversees the provision of the Commonwealth's many worlds. Despite this somewhat ridged form of government, Commonwealth citizens nevertheless enjoy a high level of rights and personal freedoms, a fact which has greatly contributed to the strength of the Lyran economy.

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