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The Council of Six is a group of players tasked with control of the campaign environment. They act as a liason team between the general player base and the server staff.

The Council is made up of faction leaders from each of the Great Houses and the Periphery Kingdoms. XOs will maintain non-voting status on the Council.

Election to the Council

Faction leaders will be elected twice yearly, and serve six month terms. Each Faction leader will appoint an Executive Officer with access to the Council forum, and as many additional assistants as he deems necessary, who will not have access to the Council forum.

Removal from the Council

Server Staff can remove Council members for reasons of server health. In addition, after a Council member has served at least 2 months of his term, the faction members can bring up a recall vote in the faction forum. The councilman must forgo his moderation powers and allow the vote to occur. The voting period will be 1 week. If the recall is successful, the Council member will be removed from faction leadership and a new vote for Council representative will take place. If the recall effort is unsuccessful, the Council member will serve out the remainder of his term with no additional recall votes allowed.

Effecting Rule Changes

It is expected that each Faction will discuss the state of the Campaign within their faction forum as well as in the General Discussions and Suggestions forums. No changes to Campaign settings will be made from these discussions, however. In order that changes be made, the Council member must bring it to the Council for discussion and vote. Discussion will be allowed between all Council members and staff. Staff participation will be generally confined to whether a change is technically feasible, although we reserve the right to stray away from that if we've got particularly strong (usually historical) feelings about a subject. Once a decision is reached by the Council, an Admin will implement it at his convenience.

It is suggested that Council members accurately represent the desires of their faction. It is not, however, mandatory to do so. The house leader is the leader, after all, and should be given some discretionary powers. Also, health of the server as a whole is far more important than the desires of a single faction.

Voting Rules.

  • 1. All votes are up for 1 week.
  • 2. All votes must be in by the end of the week to be counted.
  • 3. Majority of votes tallied wins.
  • 4. All votes must allow for changing of vote.
  • 5. All votes must be posted (Leader must post his vote reasons are not required).
  • 6. Votes can be closed early if a majority yay is achieved.
  • 7. All items up for vote must be presented in a yay or nay manner only two options. (If you want to discuss a modification vote ney and put it back up with the modifications).
  • 8. The items sponsor can pull the item at any time up to the end of the voting period.
  • 9. Poll cannot be edited except for spelling mistakes after votes have been cast.

Votes not conforming to the rules will not be counted.

The expectation is that all Co6 members check the forum often enough to vote on any proposal. If additional time for debate is requested and seconded, it can be granted but we cannot be derelict in our duties.

Additional Council Positions

  • Chairman - responsible for communicating changes the Council decides on to the staff

Current Council Membership

  • Jackal
  • Erk
  • Rushvin
  • obese pigeon
  • Nastyogre
  • Dwight Derringer

Current Chairman:

  • TBD
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