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Post here your ideas for the game engine (not campaign)

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Before posting here, read this...

Post by BeeRockxs » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:27 pm

A serious suggestion should include:
- a short description of the desired addition or change
- a "statement of expectation." What the suggestor thinks will be the end result of implementation.
- a point by point discussion of WHY the change would have the expected impact.
- a point by point discussion of things that could go wrong with the change and how they might be avoided.
- an honest disclosure of how much the feature matters to a person.

If your Suggestion isn't this detailed, perhaps posting it in General Discussion for advice and comment would be a good place to refine it.

Please note that only Suggestions related to code changes in MegaMek are appropriate here. Suggestions related to MekWars or MegaMekNET server configurations should be posted in the appropriate forum.

Posts which ignore these guidelines will likely receive the same treatment, and may be moved or deleted.

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