3 day ban for Kim Yao Ming for violations of chat rules

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3 day ban for Kim Yao Ming for violations of chat rules

Post by BarukKhazad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:13 am

Everything below is from the Main chat. The content below had unrelated chat from other players removed, so if you believe something important is missing from one of the conversations then ask for all the entries for a time bracket and they will be posted. The same applies if you think there was a missing conversation.
20160318 23:04:19.475 Kim Yao Ming|your attack.
20160318 23:04:24.433 Kim Yao Ming|Going active.
20160318 23:04:28.060 BarukKhazad|come on!
20160318 23:05:01.512 Kim Yao Ming|Really? I JUST rolled with eno, said it was his attack, and you are going to jump Me?
20160318 23:05:08.648 BarukKhazad|blinding is legal
20160318 23:05:23.861 Kim Yao Ming|It is also a douche move. Have fun playing noone.
20160318 23:05:36.480 BarukKhazad|nice phrasing there
20160318 23:05:51.533 Kim Yao Ming|Make your attack, eno.
20160318 23:06:49.406 Kim Yao Ming|No, I wanted a game with eno. Not with someone who jumped Me. If I go active without announcing someone, then go ahead and jump. But interrupting an arranged game is crap. Take your points, I won't play.
20160318 23:07:04.227 Kim Yao Ming|eno, do you have vees in the army?
20160318 23:07:27.543 Kim Yao Ming|Then you cannot do a drop incursion.
20160318 23:07:31.728 Kim Yao Ming|Try assassination.
20160318 23:07:59.811 BarukKhazad|i'll take my points out of your flu bills and RPs
20160318 23:08:17.077 Kim Yao Ming|Have fun with that. you will be on My no-play as soon as this game is over.
20160318 23:08:26.166 BarukKhazad|why wait... do it now
20160318 23:08:31.978 Kim Yao Ming|Can't while active. .
20160320 15:49:39.391 Kim Yao Ming|Ok, this really sucks...
20160320 15:50:11.215 Kim Yao Ming|Lost two units that game. Payout was 5k. After repairs, I made 2.3k. Not enough to replace even one of My lost units.
20160320 15:51:11.580 Kim Yao Ming|Cant use tanks to attack. Only to defend.
20160320 15:51:19.802 Kim Yao Ming|Unless you already have a beachhead.
20160320 15:57:02.822 Kim Yao Ming|Yeah, and you have to pay MORE for the BM mechs, becausse min bid is factory cost.
20160320 15:57:04.082 BarukKhazad|use Campaign menu>Frontline>Find Contested Planets to find good targets for Ground ops
20160320 15:57:58.178 Kim Yao Ming|Yes, I am aware of that. That still does not solve the economy problem.
20160320 16:00:14.317 BarukKhazad|funny.. i see whining as the main problem. Some delusion that all games should pay out more than the losses of that game.
20160320 16:01:15.731 BarukKhazad|someone bid 6k on a light vee on the market. If you don't have enough cash then there is some other reason
20160320 16:02:21.372 Kim Yao Ming|Sure, say it is whining. But when you have a bunch of people with 30 units, and a bunch more with 5 units total, then you lose games. you want people to actually play, right? Well, those with fewer units are not going to risk them. you go into a death spiral, where you keep losing units, and not being able to replace them. Sooner or later, you have half your population not playing because they do not have the units to do so.
20160320 16:03:40.323 Kim Yao Ming|Really? Because when I came in at the end of last cycle, you guys had about 10 players. Total. At the beginning of this cycle, we have close to forty.
20160320 16:04:00.345 Kim Yao Ming|There is a reason that people stop playing.
20160320 16:04:51.904 BarukKhazad|guys; what day did the cycle start?
20160320 16:06:15.972 Kim Yao Ming|Well, I am not the only one saying it. The economy here is slow, the BM is wonky. *shrugs* Obviously, the 'good' players want it to stay that way. Same as any other faction with 'power.' I will likely stop playing, eventually.
20160320 16:10:28.173 BarukKhazad|ok so between Mar 1st and March 12th there were 192 games played... all "after-cycle"
20160320 16:10:39.998 BarukKhazad|so yeah it was a lot slower than usual
20160320 16:11:18.781 BarukKhazad|but Tiger's sever gained a lot of play during that time and the 3025 new cycle was delayed which people were waiting for
20160320 16:12:24.683 Kim Yao Ming|Explain it any way you like. I am done. Noone wants to hear My 'whining' anyway.
20160320 16:13:11.226 BarukKhazad|and yet they do anyways
20160320 16:16:24.867 BarukKhazad|talking it out on the forums is much better... I treat anyone who whines in the Main like I do because this is not the right place ... you have something you want to say regarding "how things should be" you put it in the forum for discussion
20160320 16:21:44.399 BarukKhazad|of course Kim Yao Ming.. if you post to the forum about the "broken economy" then you may be asked to back it up with math from your games
20160320 16:22:08.577 Kim Yao Ming|you are still talking about it? I said I am done. Now shut up.
20160320 16:22:39.225 BarukKhazad|why do I have to be done with it?
20160320 16:24:31.562 BarukKhazad|come on Kim Yao Ming... make a post to the forums. If you don't like something then look for the group to back you up
20160320 16:25:30.933 Kim Yao Ming|Why? So you can say something to someone else about Me whining, and maybe have Me banned/gagged? No thanks. I will just continue to ignore you like I usually do. Should have done so today, but I was weak. Problem solved.
20160320 16:25:52.087 BarukKhazad|only your actions would get you banned or gagged
20160320 16:26:42.722 BarukKhazad|if you have something to say about the economy... say it it inthe forums clearly and back it up with some math... Not I or anyone one else will take that the wrong way
20160320 16:28:45.684 BarukKhazad|you can say that I would do rude things but if you read the rules you will see your rights protect you from anything uncalled for that I might do. And I am sure I would lose my mod rights and be banned if I misused them.
20160320 16:30:32.978 BarukKhazad|Kim Yao Ming the thing is you didn't read the rules in the first place. You keep referrring to how it is supposed to be done based on your experience elsewhere
20160320 16:31:40.024 Zilla|before this escalates and becomes unfortunate, i kindly request that we change the subject.
20160320 16:36:07.916 BarukKhazad|you guys don't need to worry... Kim Yao Ming is not a fool . He is just playing by another server's rules
20160323 11:17:01.531 Kim Yao Ming|Active for elss.
20160323 11:55:30.140 Kim Yao Ming|And of course, you recover BOTH. *sighs* Dammit, this RNG really does fucking hate Me.
20160323 11:56:02.086 Kim Yao Ming|I am the one low on units, you piece of shit RNG!
20160323 15:55:28.238 Kim Yao Ming|And yet nothing good goes up... And when something DOES go up that is decent, you have to pay 5 times what it is worth. This economy is fucked.
20160324 22:50:46.547 Kim Yao Ming|FUCK. Stupid goddamned thing...
20160325 20:12:03.311 Kim Yao Ming|The economy here is a little wonky. Look under the factories. There may be a list of units there, with shopping carts on the left side. Those are the faction bays. Ask factionmates where you can pull from, or if they may have units or money for you.
20160325 20:13:06.469 BarukKhazad|the economy is fine... Kim Yao Ming has some opinions about how the economy should act like but he doesn't have the conviction to start a forum discussion about it
20160325 20:13:43.103 BarukKhazad|the BM units are just like any other units but you buy them in a different manner
20160325 20:14:08.357 Kim Yao Ming|That's right, burgerking. I would rather sit here, and watch the whole thing spiral into those few players that win enough to keep a full hangar, and those of us that are screwed by the RNG enough that we cannot replace units.
20160325 20:14:24.023 BarukKhazad|and you still haven't read the rules...
20160325 20:15:24.887 Kim Yao Ming|To which rules are you referring this time?
20160325 20:16:24.858 BarukKhazad|I am refering to the RULES, SPECIAL RULES and MANIFESTO as linked at the top of the Main channel
20160326 1:41:56.311 Kim Yao Ming|Fuck.... Enjoy the TDR, you lucky bastard.
20160327 14:10:10.680 Kim Yao Ming|Seriously, what the fuck is with the salvage??? I thought defenders were supposed to salvage more? He got BOTH of his recoverable mechs back, and I get NOTHING??? This is screwed...
20160329 15:43:04.002 Kim Yao Ming|Active for talpos.
20160329 15:44:02.319 BarukKhazad|blind him!
20160329 15:44:30.520 Kim Yao Ming|Yes, go ahead and get right on My NP list like baruk.
20160329 15:44:51.199 Giles|Only can put one on that list I think
20160329 15:44:57.599 BarukKhazad|hehe yeah
20160329 15:44:59.348 Rushvin|you can only have so many, we outnumber you
20160329 15:45:04.679 Giles|lol
20160329 15:45:46.218 TheZombi|there is a No play list?
20160329 15:47:21.815 BarukKhazad|yeah... each player can put players on their NP list and the system will not let them see each other. Currently you can have one person on the list
20160329 15:47:27.603 Kim Yao Ming|That is fine. I will just put whomever is on, on the NP list. And more than that, I will just not be active while people who do douchebag things like blind someone who has already arranged a game, are on.
20160329 15:48:28.139 Chaser|I think you need a vaction
20160329 15:48:31.409 Rushvin|but he gone active before you two said anything about arranging a game. He was active before rolling dice
20160329 15:48:32.307 Chaser|vacation
20160329 15:48:57.384 BarukKhazad|well taking someone off your NP list is 200 flu
20160329 15:49:20.447 Giles|Blinding is legal
20160329 15:49:24.236 Kim Yao Ming|That is him. And if he does not mind being blinded, attack him. That is fine, and the price he pays. I was obviously arranged before I activated.
20160329 15:49:52.204 Rushvin|well i was not going to hit you, i didnt even see you when you gone active.
20160329 15:50:02.977 Kim Yao Ming|Legal != Sportsmanly. It may be legal, but it is still a douche move to blind someone who has obviously, and publicly arranged a match.
20160329 15:50:09.203 Chaser|aranged games mean nothing here
20160329 15:50:23.482 BarukKhazad|Kim Yao Ming... after this game ou get a three day ban. You've been ignoring when I tell you to read the rules and saying things you should not... you *do*need a vacation.
20160329 15:51:32.447 Kim Yao Ming|Excuse Me? Please tell Me which rule, precisely, I have broken? Other than annoying you, which is "legal."
20160329 15:51:52.187 Giles|Nah this game is competitive, if you need to win a planet or something along those lines blind people
20160329 15:52:06.333 BarukKhazad|no... you need to read them. I referred you to the rules at the top of the Main
20160329 15:52:50.878 Chaser|4.1 This one is pretty simple: treat your fellow players kindly and with respect. This does not only mean those in your faction but ALL players on the server. They may be your game opponents but it IS only a game.
20160329 15:53:00.990 Kim Yao Ming|I have read the rules. But you are banning Me for your own personal reasons.
20160329 15:53:17.990 Kim Yao Ming|I have broken NO rule, nor have I insulted anyone.
20160329 15:53:32.708 BarukKhazad|no... I think you would be a fine player if you were not busy being a fool.
20160329 15:54:19.240 Kim Yao Ming|And now YOU directly insult ME by calling Me a fool. Where is YOUR ban? Or do the ruless not apply to mods?
20160329 15:54:23.532 Ceorl|Kim, I'd recommend chilling out. Go grab a beer and relax.
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Re: 3 day ban for Kim Yao Ming for violations of chat rules

Post by Kim Yao Ming » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:47 am

Ok, so cursing in chat is forbidden? I see NOTHING in there that violates the chat rules. I did not directly insult anyone, and the one thing that COULD be considered an insult, you forgot to include the laugh that came afterwards, or the private conversation with My opponent.

EDIT; I see this as nothing more than backwards justification for a ban you placed with absolutely no foundation, other than your personal annoyance with Me.

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Re: 3 day ban for Kim Yao Ming for violations of chat rules

Post by BarukKhazad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:58 am

You can appeal the ban as described here Grievance and Appeals).

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