McMadMax - Abandoned Game

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McMadMax - Abandoned Game

Post by Nemesis » Tue May 26, 2015 4:02 pm

McMadMax assaults me on Fomalhaut, a world that is 81 FS and 19 DC. He brings 2 TBT-7K, a TLN-5V, and Drillson SRM. I bring 6 Vees and an Inf.

We play 4 turns, I've lost a minor hover and we've both taken some armor damage spread across multiple units, but one of his Trebs is very badly damaged, overheated to the point where it can't get away, and is sure to die or at the very least be legged and crippled on turn 5.

At this point the ded freezes up. I do a full reclient just to be safe, and after getting timestamps from BK I find he left before I did so I assume he's doing the same. Since he left first he couldn't have seen me leave and know that the op would be autocancelled. However he never rejoins.
[16:04] >> Exit McMadMax [16:05] >> Exit Nemesis [16:05] >> Enter Nemesis

The op is autocancelled when we both leave, but I rejoin the ded without any problems and the game reloads just fine, a simple retask and we'd be able to continue. The only problem is that over 1 hour later I'm still missing an opponent. I have the game manually saved on the ded, my army locked, and will be happy to continue it if he ever returns, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

Normally I wouldn't care too much. I've let some questionable behaviour slide since I got here, but reading the forums he apparently has quite a history. I'm easygoing and I believe in 2nd chances, but not 32nd chances.

Since he (apparently deliberately) abandoned the game I'd like the op autoresolved in my favor, or at least the expected results applied. I don't care about mechs being scrapped or anything, as far as I'm concerned that falls under punishment and has nothing to do with resolving the game, so I leave that up to the admins. I would like the planetary control to shift to 100 FS as it would have when the game autoresolved or I won, and getting the cbills/RP I should have earned would be nice.

If the admins find no rule was broken I'll gracefully accept that, but regardless of the outcome I'd like to get an admin NP for MMM. Whether my complaint is accepted or denied, I don't want to waste my time with him again.

If you need any other information please let me know.

Thank you.

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Re: McMadMax - Abandoned Game

Post by McMadMax » Wed May 27, 2015 5:36 am

Problem is i was playing at work, and when lights go off there's nothing i can do.
I was absolutely expecting autoresolve kick in,so i didn't even bother to log in when i got home.
And yes,i'd do the same even if i knew what the outcome would be, since having a job beats an opprtunity to play MM.
I'm up for a retask,and also have an army locked,otherwise i'm absolutely fine with admins forceresolving the task in Nemesis's favor.
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Re: McMadMax - Abandoned Game

Post by McMadMax » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:57 am

Sadly retasking is no longer an option, i accidently hit a "remove all armies" button, and i don't quite remember the exact unit order.

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Re: McMadMax - Abandoned Game

Post by Klingon » Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:36 pm

A player's history is considered when considering a complaint, for any players involved.

Because of the test nature of the cycle, I'm not going to bother with actual punishment as such, but instead make a few observations:

MMM, you can play from wherever you want, but we can't make allowances for you because you decided to play from work. If you have to quit because your boss comes in, that's your call, and in your place I'd make the same call except for not playing in a situation where I know I might have to bail with no explanation; that will incur a penalty pretty quickly. Not your fault the auto resolve didn't kick in, but if this becomes a repeat thing then that might very well be re-evaluated. That being said, a power outage is certainly not your fault, and we see no reason to doubt that explanation.

So I will close the complaint with the proviso that either player can appeal if they wish, but this complaint will be considered if there are future occurrences.
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