Grievance and Appeals

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Grievance and Appeals

Post by Vertigo » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:02 am

Moderator Structure and Grievance Procedures


The moderators are the first and second courses of action for any player grievance.

If a player has a grievance with another player, he/she goes to a moderator for a ruling or posts on the Complaints forum. The moderator involved will post the ruling publicly on the Official Announcements Forum.

If a player has a grievance with a moderator or a moderator ruling he/she may appeal to the moderators as a group by posting on the Complaints forum. The moderator team will review and rule on the moderator/ruling in question by majority vote and publish the vote results (majority and dissenting) publicly on the Official Announcements forum.

If the player still feels treated unjustly, he/she may then appeal to admins by posting again in the Complaints forum. They will then decide to either uphold the original decision/moderator or modify it/penalize the moderator as they feel justified, and publish the decision on the Official Announcements forum.

Note that any appeal means that the case is opened for review and revision of the original decision, including the possibility that the penalty may actually be increased if it is determined that the original penalty was more lenient than the guidelines recommend. Additionally, frivolous appeals with no substantive merit will be viewed as possible rules abuse, and may carry their own penalty. As such, be sure and present any and all relevant evidence and witnesses when appealing. Evidence and/or witness accounts not presented will not be considered after the decision on the appeal is made.

If a moderator has a grievance with another moderator, he/she may take the issue to Admins.

Admins will officially act without any written rules and will reach decisions based on what's best for the community, immune to manipulation by rules campers, abusive interpretations of the rules, or lack of rules in the area in question. We believe to have the trust of the playerbase behind, and as such are perceived to act in the best interests of the community and not be influenced by anything like House, personal friends and so on.

Moderator Selection

Admins will nominate and remove moderators as necessary. Nominations may be vetoed by a majority vote of the moderators. This does not imply any dissatisfaction with the current group of moderators, or impending changes. It is to simplify and clarify moderator selection procedures. This authority is already implied by the fact that they will be ultimately responsible for moderating grievances against moderators.

Voting Guidelines

Admins will be responsible for opening, closing, and tallying the vote totals for issues requiring a moderator vote. The standard time period for a vote will be 3 days. Exceptions may be made if circumstances warrant.

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