remove difference between frontline and regular commander

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remove difference between frontline and regular commander

Post by obese pigeon » Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:41 am

Right now, players who don't meet the 1k exp requirement or an ELO requirement are locked into the regular commander subfaction. This prevents them playing assault units, and might be a real turnoff for new players. Just a conversation with my faction mate:

Repasy [FWL]: when i first joined i had three ontos heavy tanks that i couldn't use until i promoted up
Repasy [FWL]: funchal can't even promote right now, as he's below the elo requirement
Repasy [FWL]: which i think is a bit harsh
Repasy [FWL]: funchal's had an atlas he hasn't been able to use for months now :(

In addition, we have so few players now that it seems pretty meaningless to make the distinction between regular and frontliner.

My expectation for this suggestion is that everyone (regardless of XP and ELO) should start as frontliner, with full access to operations and units right out of SOL.

As an aside, Repasy needs help logging in to his forum account. The password reset link apparently does not work

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